Mondo Announces Super Bowl Weekend Release of John Williams' 'Black Sunday'

Mondo Announces Super Bowl Weekend Release of John Williams' 'Black Sunday'
Mondo has just dropped a bomb on film score fiends and football fans alike, announcing that it will be delivering a special soundtrack release for 1977 terrorist/football thriller Black Sunday this Super Bowl Sunday.

Due February 1 is a vinyl pressing of John Williams' (Star Wars, Superman) score to the flick, about a terrorist group's plans to explode a blimp above a Super Bowl crowd that includes the American president. The film was based on a book from author Thomas Harris and partially inspired by the Black September organization's attacks on the 1972 Summer Olympics.

While a limited-edition CD release of the score was delivered in 2010, Mondo is serving up the first-ever vinyl release of Black Sunday. It will split Williams' score across two LPs. The first three sides feature work found in the film, while the D side contains bonus tracks and an alternate version of the end theme.

Two vinyl variants will be issued on Sunday starting from 12 p.m. CST that reflect this year's Super Bowl XLIX combatants. A New England Patriots edition arrives on tri-coloured red, white and blue vinyl, while a Seattle Seahawks variant comes on tri-coloured blue, silver and green 180 gram vinyl. These will only be available on game day, with black wax being available after the weekend.

It should be noted that while the coloured wax salutes this year's NFC and AFC champs, Black Sunday presented a semi-fictional account of Super Bowl X. The film used actual footage of the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys match.

The record comes with original artwork from Jay Shaw, with liner notes contributed by Brian Satterwhite. You'll find a tracklist down below.

Black Sunday:

1. Beirut

2. Commandos Arrive

3. Commando Raid

4. It Was Good / Dahlia Arrives / The Unloading

5. Speed Boat Chase

6. The Telephone Man / The Captain Returns

7. Nurse Dahlia / Kabakov's Card / The Hypodermic

8. Moshevsky's Dead

9. The Test

10. Building the Bomb

11. Miami / Dahlia's Call

12. The Last Night

13. Preparations

14. Passed

15. The Flight Check

16. Airborne / Bomb Passes Stadium

17. Farley's Dead

18. The Blimp and the Bomb

19. The Take Off

20. Underway

21. Air Chase, Part 1

22. Air Chase, Parts 2 and 3 / The Blimp Hits

23. The Explosion

24. The End

25. Hotel Lobby (source)

26. Fight Song #1 (source)

27. Fight Song #2 (source)

28. The End (alternate mix)

29. The Explosion (revised ending) / End Title (film edit)