Mogwai Collaborator Tom Scholefield Preps Debut as Konx-om-Pax

Mogwai Collaborator Tom Scholefield Preps Debut as Konx-om-Pax
While the admittedly strange moniker Konx-om-Pax is not one that you likely know, chances are that you've experienced the art of Tom Scholefield in one way or another. The Glaswegian artist has made music videos for Mogwai, Jamie Lidell, Hudson Mohawke and many others, as well as album art for Oneohtrix Point Never, Rustie and King Midas Sound. After touring as a DJ with Mogwai, he's ready to release his debut album under the Konx-om-Pax moniker.

The record is called Regional Surrealism, and a press release suggests that his work in the film realm has translated well into music, as the album is "sometimes inspired by the idea of re-scoring films and TV. 'Glacier Mountain' for instance is a re-imagining of the opening scene from Werner Herzog's Aguirre."

Other influences touched on in the write-up include Aphex Twin's ambient work, Ash-Ra Tempel and Oneohtrix Point Never. In addition to Scholefield's own compositions, the album also includes appearances from Steven Retchard and Mogwai guitarist Stuart Braithwaite.

Regional Surrealism will be available on July 31 via Planet Mu. The tracklisting is available below, along with a stream of the track "Sura-tura-gnosi-cosi."

Regional Surrealism:

1. Intro
2. Isotonic Pool
3. At Home With Mum And Dad
4. Twin Portal Redux
5. Sura-tura-gnosi-cosi (ft. Steven Retchard)
6. Zang-tumb (ft. Stuart Braithwaite)
7. Glacier Mountain Descent
8. Pillars Of Creation
9. Slootering
10. Lagoon Leisure
11. Hurt Face
12. Chambers
13. Silent Reading
14. Let's Go Swimming