Misteur Valaire "Bellevue Avenue" (NSFW video)

Misteur Valaire 'Bellevue Avenue' (NSFW video)
Theatrical Quebecois party-starters Misteur Valaire are still a relatively unfamiliar entity in English-speaking Canada, but folks from any linguistic background will be able to enjoy their newly unveiled music video for "Bellevue Avenue."

This single is largely instrumental apart from some chopped-up vocal samples, as synth lines burble over upbeat electronic rhythms and a triumphant-sounding break evokes the sax line from "Baker Street." The accompanying music video shows a youth drawing naked women in his room before embarking on a (presumably imagined) hunt for some scantily clad women through a forest. The women eventually disrobe, meaning that this one is NSFW.

The band plan to release an album later this year.