Miracle Fortress "Even in America"

Miracle Fortress 'Even in America'
Miracle Fortress is continuing with his singles series. Just a week removed from "Let Me Be the 1," the Montreal electronic songwriter has shared a new tune called "Even in America."

Beginning with a laid-back groove, the arrangement soon shoots skyward with cinematic piano chords, an ascending vocal melody and Jimi Hendrix-referencing lyrics about touching the sky. This later gives way to disco-dazzled dance beats, a drawn-out comedown and a head-bobbing finale.

In a statement, the songwriter also known as Graham Van Pelt had this to say about the tune:

"Even in America" is my bizarro Super Bowl halftime show song. In an ideal world they'd get me to play it at the very last one, just before the NFL gets permanently dismantled. It's a buildup-heavy groover inspired by Greg Wilson and Late Nite Tuff Guy, who've had an influence on some of my stuff lately. The lyric is about plugging in, making shady money, being able to afford expensive attorneys, stuff like that. The song is supposed to be a kind of absurd edifice, an impenetrable wall of glitter, like the rationalizations some big money people seem to hold on to.

Hear it below.