Mint Records and CiTR Team Up for 'Pop Alliance Vol. 5'

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Mar 13, 2018

After delivering the fourth instalment of their Pop Alliance compilation series back in 2016, Mint Records and Vancouver's CiTR 101.9 FM have teamed up once more to release a fifth volume in the series.

Curated by CiTR music director Andy Resto and members of the CiTR student executive, the 11-track Pop Alliance Vol. 5 will arrive April 13. The release highlights some of the best from Canada's West Coast, collecting tracks from High Plains, Swim Team, Tough Customer and more.

Aiming to craft a compilation "never lacking in excitement," the LP's first half features piano-driven pop ballads, art-rock numbers and post-punk selections, while the second half features contemporary classical lined up alongside frantic electronic music.

Interludes are also included in the listen, composed of distorted clips of songs that have appeared on earlier Pop Alliance compilations. The interludes are said to serve as "a callback to the history of the series while also signifying a departure into musical and artistic realms beyond their initial scope."

The artwork for Vol. 5, which you can find above, was done by Andrea Lukic (Nü Sensae, Hick). The release will be celebrated with CiTR station fundraiser party at the Astoria on April 13, featuring sets from Swim Team, Tough Customer, Devours and Chris-a-riffic.

Read through the tracklisting of Pop Alliance Vol. 5 to hear Devours' contribution "Garnet Graves" in the player below.

Pop Alliance Vol. 5:

1. Introduction
2. Chris-a-riffic "I Just Ran Out Of Friends" 
3. Tough Customer "Secretly the Mayor"
4. Interlude
5. Swim Team "Brick"
6. Passive "Vulture Halo"
7. High Plains "Cinderland" (live)
8. Interlude II
9. Shitlord Fuckerman "Cicadabanana"
10. Devours "Garnet Graves"
11. Peggy Lee "Landscape"

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