Minor Threat Shirts At Urban Outfitters Actually Legit

Minor Threat Shirts At Urban Outfitters Actually Legit
While we're used to reading about major clothing chains bootlegging band t-shirts (see Flipper, Joy Division or YACHT), let it be known that the Out of Step-styled Minor Threat tees currently being sold at Urban Outfitters are actually legit. Sorry, punk police.

While the early '80s DC hardcore innovators fell victim to bootleggers in 2009 via a logo-jacking tee from Forever 21, frontman Ian MacKaye recently confirmed that the "Minor Threat Sheep Tee" is officially licensed. MacKaye's Dischord imprint isn't producing the shirts, though, as California company Tsurt are both printing them up and in charge of sales.

Speaking with Washington City Paper, MacKaye noted that Tsurst was hired after decades of the band trying to stamp out bootlegs cashing in on their name. On top of producing the new t-shirt, Tsurt will be on the lookout for any unlicensed merch. "It's fucking absurd the amount of bootlegs are out there... my time is better spent doing other things," MacKaye said, adding, "I just don't give a fuck about T-shirts."

Though the decision seems practical for the band, MacKaye added that he's not too terribly fond of Urban Outfitters' price-gouging mark-up on the product, which places it at $28 U.S.

"Do I think it's absurd? Yes, I certainly do," MacKaye said of the punk shirt's price tag, and perhaps the situation as a whole. "Motherfuckers pay $28, that's what they wanna pay for their shirts."