Mineral "Parking Lot" (alternate take)

Mineral 'Parking Lot' (alternate take)
Reunited '90s emo band Mineral only issued two full-lengths and a handful of singles during their initial run, but the Austin outfit have dug up a few hidden treasures for their upcoming 1994 -1998: The Complete Collection release. One of which is an alternate take of The Power of Failing closer "Parking Lot," which you can hear online ahead of the archival set's October 21 due date through Arena Rock Recording Co.

While quite similar to the version that appeared on their 1995 debut LP, this take runs a little more lo-fi. Still present are the distorted, whale-moan string bends on a mournful chorus and Chris Simpson's self-flagellating tenor. It sounds like he's stepping pretty far away from the mic in the second verse, though, and the feedback-driven finale is also marked with an answering machine message regarding an excellent deal on paper towels.

You can hear the early version of the song down below.

The band also have an extensive reunion tour coming up that hits the U.S. and Europe. You can peep those concert details here.