Mike Patton Collaborating with Watchmen Creator on Multimedia Project

Mike Patton Collaborating with <i>Watchmen</i> Creator on Multimedia Project
Forget that once-great rock/metal act Faith No More have gone the way of the Eagles and reunited for some cheesy cash-grabs by performing solely at European festivals. That kind of crap can be overlooked when reading on Billboard that vocalist/general crazy guy Mike Patton is working with graphic novelist Alan Moore on a new project. That's right: the guy who brought you the Watchmen series has teamed up with Patton, as well as former Godflesh and current Jesu front-man Justin Broadrick, to create a multimedia package tentatively dubbed Unearthing.

It revolves around Moore's latest creation: a semi-autobiographical, self-proclaimed "photographic novel," as opposed to a graphic novel, á  la Watchmen or V For Vendetta. And it's set for release via Lex Records in early 2010.

According to Lex founder Tom Brown, the package is "inspired by Radiohead's deluxe version of In Rainbows." Initial plans for this grandiose affair include art prints, a two-hour audiobook recorded by Moore (possibly on a memory stick), a making-of documentary and the soundtrack on vinyl. Talks are still in session as to whether or not the soundtrack will be available via CD, download or both.

The release "has a score [created by Fog's Andrew Broder and spoken word artist Adam Drucker] and the visual side of it is amazing," according to Brown, who notes that Patton and Broadrick will "provide key elements of the soundtrack." However, details other than Patton and Broadrick's confirmed participation have been revealed.

"It's the first volume of a series and it is definitely in the direction of an autobiography," Brown adds in regards to Moore's work. "I know that he's writing another volume at the moment."

And if Patton working with the Watchmen creator wasn't enough, Billboard also reports he's doing a separate Lex project with Tunde Adebimpe, who you may know from TV on the Radio.