Micky "Monkees" Dolenz Supports Utopian Vision

Micky 'Monkees' Dolenz Supports Utopian Vision
So who knew that Utopia was located just west of Barrie, Ontario? Better yet, who'd imagine that the mythically named hamlet would need Micky Dolenz, former singer and drummer for original manufactured television pop group the Monkees, to help fix up its old gristmill?

Well that's exactly what's happening thanks to Visions of Utopia, a Toronto based environmental project design and business management group. The award-winning organisation is presenting a fundraiser on Thursday, July 10 at the Capitol Event Theatre in Toronto at 2492 Yonge Street featuring the aforementioned "Believer" Monkee Dolenz, and Burlington's the Spoons.

The proceeds will go towards restoring the 140-plus-year-old gristmill, which is basically a giant wheat grinder, and to revitalising the "50-acre back-to-nature space" it resides in, dubbed the "Utopia Conservation Area."

To support this worthwhile cause, tickets to the event run $50 and can be purchased online at Ticketweb or from Soundscapes at 572 College St, Toronto.