Mic Crenshaw "Free My Mind" (ft. Ray Frazier) (video)

Mic Crenshaw 'Free My Mind' (ft. Ray Frazier) (video)
Portland-based rhymer Mic Crenshaw is an avid motorcyclist, and his new video for the Ray Frazier-featuring "Free My Mind" gives him a chance to showcase his passion.

The upbeat track mixes rapping with rock, pop and soul influences, and we see Crenshaw heading out onto the open road with his bike, and rapping as he tears down highways and makes his way to some scenic locales. The Ray Frazier-sung hook, meanwhile, finds the vocalist crooning about the good life in front of a waterfall.

Crenshaw is currently recording his latest solo album and has a rap-rock EP called Bionic Metal due this summer.