Mdou Moctar Launches GoFundMe to Cover Expenses While Stuck in US Amid Niger Coup

The guitarist and his band are looking to raise $50,000

Photo: Stephen McGill

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Aug 3, 2023

Mdou Moctar just finished touring North America, including a triumphant stop in Toronto. However, the guitarist and his band have been forced to extend their stay in the US, as their home country of Niger has been subjected to a violent military coup.

They've launched a crowdsourcing campaign on GoFundMe to help cover expenses, as they are stuck on American soil "indefinitely" after a group of right-wing militants violently overthrew the nation's elected president on July 26.

The three Nigerien members of the band — Mahamadou Souleymane (a.k.a. Mdou Moctar), Ahmoudou Madassane and Souleymane Ibrahim — are unable to return to their homes and families, as borders and financial institutions have been closed. There is fear of an imminent civil war.

"The costs associated with finding emergency housing and living expenses for the band while they are stuck here in the US are considerable as well as undefined, as there is no timeframe for when peace may return to the region," the fundraiser's description reads. "As the band's touring activity regularly supports their families at home in Niger, this extended stay in the US will, unfortunately, divert that income away from their dependents."

Mdou Moctar's touring party are looking to raise $50,000 USD to keep them afloat in the States for the time being. You can donate below.

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