MC Kam Moye "Forever Fresh"

MC Kam Moye 'Forever Fresh'
Perennially underrated MC Kam Moye, who hails from North Carolina and used to rhyme under the name Supastition, may finally get his deserved recognition with the release of his new album Splitting Image.

"Forever Fresh" should not hurt Kam Moye's cause any. Produced by Torontonian ex-pat Marco Polo, now based in New York, Kam Moye presents his case for attention over an arresting boom-bap sonic backdrop. While it showcases his verbal dexterity and self-affirmation, his quick-fire lyrics are sprinkled with his trademark thought provoking insights into his life, determined state of mind and artistic quandary.

"Why sign to majors, they business as dirty as Ronald Reagan's/Politics and loose change is what I'd probably get/I could probably swallow my pride, but I don't feel fine behind an apron/I'm saving/Every quarter I make..."

And so on. Point taken.

Download MC Kan Moye's "Forever Fresh" here.