Matmos Detail 'The Marriage of True Minds'

Matmos Detail 'The Marriage of True Minds'
As previously reported, Matmos's signing to Thrill Jockey would not only yield the recently released The Ganzfeld EP, but a new LP titled The Marriage of True Minds. While we were told that the Baltimore-based, San Francisco-bred electronic duo would deliver the set sometime in 2013, the label has now confirmed via its website that The Marriage of True Minds will drop February 19.

As you can see up above, the album art is quite similar to that of The Ganzfeld's cover star and features an upside-down dude with some felt pads covering his eyes. He isn't, however, sporting a clunky pair of headphones like the lady on the last cover.

Like the EP, the music on The Marriage of True Minds was constructed using samples and ideas Matmos collected while conducting parapsychological experiments on a group of volunteers. As a press release puts it, "test subjects were put into a state of sensory deprivation by covering their eyes and listening to white noise on headphones," and then asked by the band to describe what they saw and heard in their minds.

UPDATE: The album will also feature a handful of noteworthy guests, including Dan Deacon, Dominique Leone, DJ Dog Dick, Leslie Weiner and Holger Hiller (Palais Schaumberg), Jason Willett (Half Japanese), Angel Deradoorian, and Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak).

The sheet adds:

If a subject hummed something, that became a melody; passing visual images suggested arrangement ideas, instruments, or raw materials for a collage; if a subject described an action, then the band members had to act out that out and make music out of the noises generated in the process of the re-enactment.

An expanded version of the EP's "Very Large Green Triangles" appears on the LP, along with 8 other tracks. You can see the details down below.

Thanks to XLR8R for the heads-up on the tracklist.

The Marriage of True Minds:

1. You

2. Very Large Green Triangles

3. Mental Radio

4. Ross Transcript

5. Teen Paranormal Romance

6. Tunnel

7. In Search of a Lost Faculty

8. Aetheric Vehicle

9. ESP