Matador Records Co-Owner Gerard Cosloy Loses Home to Fire; Victory Records Head Adds Insult to Injury

Matador Records Co-Owner Gerard Cosloy Loses Home to Fire; Victory Records Head Adds Insult to Injury
Earlier this week, Matador Records head Gerard Cosloy had his home burn to the ground. In the process, he lost every one of his personal belongings, along with those of his roommates.

The news obviously sucks, but it got a little worse Wednesday (August 12) when Victory Records head Tony Brummel got involved. You see, Cosloy has often used his Matablog to poke fun at the faux-hardcore label for some time. At one point, Cosloy posted a Photoshopped Victory logo, with another dog violating the Victory bulldog and the words "FUCK VICTORY" sprawled across.

When news of the fire hit the Internet, Brummel quickly sent an email to Cosloy with the image of the dogs and the word "KARMA." Kind of a low blow, right?

Cosloy decided to post the email to the Matablog, along with a genuinely witty response that included this excerpt:

"I've got to admit, I had previously underestimated Brummel. Not only would I have bet real money he couldn't spell karma if you spotted him the K-A-R, but he's even capable of attaching a .gif all by himself. But here's the serious conclusion you can take away from this ill-advised attempt at a rejoinder; Brummel considers my watching my home and possessions turned to ashes karmic payback for... criticism of his record label? An innocent pet burning to death is acceptable payback for mocking his dopey-as-fuck records, ads and business practices?

"If you're a fan of Victory or the label's bands, I've got no quarrel with you. We all like what we like and no needs to apologize not even fans of these schmucks. Honestly, though I can't speak on behalf of his current or former roster (or employees), I don't think Tony Victory's aesthetic crimes are deserving of anything other than good old fashioned ribbing. What he expressed to me today, however, is another story. I think he deserves to have it widely circulated. Brummel can rub himself raw at the thought of my suffering personal or material loss; if something similar happens to him, I'll be the first person to ship Tony a box of good records. They might be the first decent ones he's ever heard."

In the wake of this response, Cosloy may want to watch out for Brummel's FSU cronies, who aren't exactly known for their sense of humour.

UPDATE: Brummel has posted the following response [via Absolute Punk ]:

"I do not know and have never spoken to Gerard Cosloy or anyone at Matador. I have never said anything derogatory about the label (that he is part owner of along with the company being 50% owned by Martin Mills at Beggars Banquet), its bands or anyone that works there.

"However, over the last several years Cosloy has gone out of his way to take shots at me (via his blog), my company and my artists. He even took the time to create his own rendition of our logo (his rendition has two male bulldogs having sex). If standing up for my company and my artists is wrong to some people that is too bad. It is my job and obligation. I do not have the time or desire to hurt Cosloy, his company or artists.

"I am not happy that he lost his home but his immature, snide and unwarranted actions are bad karma. 'If you don't have anything nice to say (especially about someone that you do not know), don't say anything at all.' He should focus on his company and artists instead of blogging. The man is at least 8 years older than me. As a man, why not 'man up' and pick up the phone if you have a problem with someone? I am an easy guy to find. Regardless of his juvenile ramblings I wish him and his company the best of luck."