Marker Starling "Husbands" (video)

Marker Starling 'Husbands' (video)
After an epic, 15-year incubation period, Toronto's Marker Starling is getting ready to release an album called Rosy Maze. Before listeners can get lost in the LP in full, the songwriter has revealed a video for his blue-eyed soul piece, "Husbands."

The track is rife with electric piano tones, cocktail lounge marimba and a full-bodied brass section, all supporting the warmth of Starling's voice. The vocalist is found in the video singing about a group of husbands' decadent "lost weekend," a rowdy outing that gets them in some hot soup once they return to their spouses.

You'll find him explaining the situation as he walks through industrial zones, full-bloom meadows and more down below.

Rosy Maze is available in the UK March 30 via Tin Angel.