Marissa Nadler "Pitseleh" (Elliott Smith cover)

Marissa Nadler 'Pitseleh' (Elliott Smith cover)
Marissa Nadler has gathered up some extra material surrounding her latest album, July, for a new EP called Before July: Demos & Unreleased Songs. This include a cover of Elliott Smith's "Pitseleh."

Nadler mostly remains faithful to the stripped-down, haunting acoustic tone of the original track from 1998's XO. She slows down the tempo, however, and Smith's organic piano overdubs are omitted in favour of watery, psychedelic textures and warbling guitar leads.

Before July is now out digitally through Sacred Bones/Bella Union. Scroll past the tracklist to hear "Pitseleh."

Before July: Demos & Unreleased Songs:

1. Pitseleh (Elliott Smith cover)
2. Dead City Emily (Demo)

3. 1923 (Demo)

4. Leave the Light On (Demo)

5. The Rose City (Demo)