Marissa Nadler "Firecrackers" (video)

Marissa Nadler 'Firecrackers' (video)
Marissa Nadler recently released her July LP through Sacred Bones. Now that it's actually July, she's shared a video for the album's "Firecrackers."

The video was directed by Ryan Walsh, who shared the following statement in a press release:

When you make a video for a song with such incredible imagery already built into the lyrics, it can be hard to create visuals that can compete. Early conversations with Marissa put us on the same page agreeing we didn't want to dump a bunch of Independence Day footage into a video editor and call it a day. For 'Firecrackers' I traveled with Marissa all over Massachusetts asking her to perform the odd actions that make up the video. We became very focused on special effects that have a very homegrown, lo-fi, almost ritualistic feel to them. And we always cleaned up our messes.

Watch the video for "Firecrackers" below and read Exclaim!'s recent story on Marissa Nadler here.