Marching Church "King of Song"

Marching Church 'King of Song'
Iceage vocalist Elias Bender Rønnenfelt's new Marching Church project is toying with concepts of idolism in surprisingly funky fashion for the latest preview behind their upcoming The World Is Not Enough LP. You'll find the frontman describing his effects on the faithful in new single "King of Song."

While earlier sneak peek "Hungry for Love" was a bleak bit of Bad Seeds-influenced balladry, Rønnenfelt transforms himself into a bustling, giddy plastic soul type for "King of Song." Above a vigorously bowed string section, "Walk on the Wild Side" sax-blasting and a choir, Rønnenfelt reports on the masses forever grateful for every word he preaches ("people rise for me/put out their eyes for me").

Unsurprisingly, Rønnenfelt cracked croon wildly weaves in and out of the arrangement, making for another compelling entry into the young musician's catalogue.

As previously reported, The World Is Not Enough lands March 31 through Sacred Bones/Posh Isolation.