Marching Church "Hungry For Love" (video)

Marching Church 'Hungry For Love' (video)
Hungry for some new music from Iceage vocalist Elias Bender Rønnenfelt? We'll have to wait another month before he and the rest of his Marching Church put out their debut LP, The World is Not Enough, but you can sample a slinky set of visuals for the album's "Hungry for Love" right now.

The video for the previously premiered track, flexing Rønnenfelt's rapturous and beastly moans around a Bad Seeds-style arrangement of push-pull beats and mournful violin, features, seriously, a lot of grooming. Much of the video finds an androgynous beauty applying eyeliner, though we get glimpses of a companion on a balcony, neon-lit nights, scooter rides around a city, and various decadent shots of clubs.

The narrative is suggesting more than it presents, and you can check out the arty, ambiguous clip for the song down below.

The World is Not Enough arrives March 31 through Sacred Bones/Posh Isolation.