Male Bonding

Practice Room Demos

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Feb 28, 2013

It's been two years since UK trio Male Bonding delivered their sophomore set Endless Now, but the '90s-inspired alt-rock act may have something lined up sometime soon, considering they've just posted a handful of demo tracks.

The group's SoundCloud page is sporting three new tunes — "That's Your Lot," "Plans" and "Keep It Shut" — along with the message: "Three dispatches from a Hackney practice room. It has been a while, we got tangled up in home study. Open University. Three Degrees. Anyway, we're busy again and there's more to come."

The tracks all run along the same kind of grunged-up melodies they've let loose in the past, with "That's Your Lot" potentially being the winner of the bunch via its doomy, descending chord progression on the chorus.

You can sample or download them all down below.

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