Malajube Announce New La Caverne Full-length

Malajube Announce New <i>La Caverne</i> Full-length
Now is a great time for Francophone rock, as Karkwa won the 2010 Polaris Music Prize with their Les Chemins de Verre. Now, fellow Montrealers Malajube will look to have the same success with their upcoming album, La Caverne, which is due out on April 19.

Like their previous releases, the new disc will come out via Dare to Care. The label says that the La Caverne uses "a carefully chosen selection of borrowed pop elements to create a sonic drug. A retro-futuristic musical mixture, pleasantly irreverent and animal-like."

You can preview the album in the two brief trailer clips, which are embedded below. They don't contain much in the way of information, but you can see clips of snowy landscapes and home-video footage accompanied by music. If those two teasers aren't enough to satisfy you, you can download the track "Synesth├ęsie" for free from Malajube's website in exchange for an email address.

The band's last two LPs were Trompe-l'oeil (2006) and Labyrinthes (2009). Both albums were shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize on the year of their release.