Magical Mistakes "Hollow Bodies" (video)

Magical Mistakes 'Hollow Bodies' (video)
You might have trouble telling what's staged and what's real in "Hollow Bodies," the new video from Osaka-based producer Magical Mistakes.

The clip shows a performer leaning with his head against some street-side metal paneling and a small boombox at his feet. As the dark, beat-driven electronic track picks up, he launches into a rather violent, unsettling dance routine and a small crowd gathers as he pounds his body against the metal. The Markus Hofko-directed clip mixes real reactions from passersby with staged footage, but it's impossible to tell which is which.

"Hollow Bodies" is culled from Magical Mistakes' Decompose / Reassemble, which came out this week on British Columbia label King Deluxe.

Magical Mistakes - "Hollow Bodies" / / / Official Music Video from The Bow on Vimeo.