Mac McCaughan "Happy New Year (Prince Can't Die Again)"

Mac McCaughan 'Happy New Year (Prince Can't Die Again)'
Many people agree that 2016 has been one giant dumpster fire, and Superchunk frontman Mac McCaughan is toasting the end of this lousy year with "Happy New Year (Prince Can't Die Again)."

The song is a blackly comic acoustic number with a dour lyric sheet that begins, "It was a year when everybody died." The second verse points out, "This could be a great year if you're rich / Or a racist craving an authoritarian hand / And the sun will shine on you if you hate women / And then the sun itself will turn us all to sand."

McCaughan wrote on Bandcamp, "Written and recorded Dec 24, 2016 in a moment of trying to look at any possible bright side of the coming new year after the disaster that was this one."

Take a listen below.