Mac McCaughan "Box Batteries" (video)

Mac McCaughan 'Box Batteries' (video)
If you're looking for a few new facial expressions to add to your repertoire, Mac McCaughan has issued an energetic video for Non-Believers single "Box Batteries" that has performance artist Anya Liftig exploring all sorts of elastic options.

McCaughan apparently contacted Liftig after seeing her "Aunts for Camera" art exhibition, which featured various "dance-for-video" pieces, and asked if he could have her do a special performance for his fuzz-cranking pop tune. The clip has Liftig contorting her visage into various fish-lipped, puffy-cheeked, eye-blinking expressions. Though seemingly rolling free-form, she does sync up to the backing track for a jubilant, "Hey!"

"Over the past few months, I have embarked upon using my face as my choreographic material," Liftig said in a statement. "On stage, such minute movements are unable to reach the viewer but via the camera, the viewer is able to engage with a micro world that challenges the boundaries of proportion and most ambitiously, perception."

You'll find the video below.