Lust for Youth "Illume" (video)

Lust for Youth 'Illume' (video)
Lust for Youth are looking mighty dapper in the video supporting their International LP's "Illume," showing off fancy tuxedos, as well as the tune's fluffy electro-pop groove.

Directed by Cali DeWitt, the video finds the group's Hannes Norrvide and Loke Rahbek making their way through a number of scenarios in their black and white finery, whether smoking it up in an otherwise empty room, walking past grimy concrete landscapes, or posing under palm trees and the watchful eyes of an urban cowboy.

"The concept of this was simple," DeWitt explained of the video in a statement. "My subjects were/are very attractive people, so I decided to pair them with attractive landscapes. We shot the whole thing in one 24 hour period, and Loke and Hannes were very comfortable dressed in their Cary Grant suits."

You'll find the video down below.

As previously reported, International is described as the band's "buoyant synth masterpiece," and it hits retailers June 10 via Sacred Bones.