Lower Dens Unveil 'Nootropics' LP

Lower Dens Unveil 'Nootropics' LP
Having made their mark with 2010's outstanding debut Twin-Hand Movement, Baltimore dream pop unit Lower Dens are getting ready to release the follow-up. Curiously called Nootropics, it's due out on May 1 via Ribbon Music.

A press release tells us that the title, which is apparently pronounced "no-eh-tro-pics," is "a reference to Lower Dens' interest in transhumanism -- the use of technology to extend human capabilities."

For a taste of the ten-song collection, listen to the track "Brains" below. This hazy number apparently "examines our relationship to technology, in particular artificial intelligence and is the perfect entryway into Nootropics' vast and meticulous vision."

"Brains" will be released on ten-inch vinyl on March 27, and this will include the album cut "Propagation," plus the B-side "Hours." You can pre-order a copy here.


1. "Alphabet Song"
2. "Brains"
3. "Stem"
4. "Propagation"
5. "Lamb"
6. "Candy"
7. "Lion in Winter Pt. 1"
8. "Lion in Winter Pt. 2"
9. "Nova Anthem"
10. "In the End is the Beginning"

Lower Dens - Brains by Ribbon Music