Lower Dens "Sucker's Shangri-La" (video)

Lower Dens 'Sucker's Shangri-La' (video)
Baltimore indie popsters Lower Dens returned with their latest LP Escape From Evil earlier this year, and now they've followed it up with some visuals for album cut "Sucker's Shangri-La."
The Zachary Treitz-directed clip finds an older, male singer tackling the tune at a karaoke bar — though, thankfully, the accompanying sound maintains Jana Hunter's studio-recorded rendition of the shoegaze-y song. Hunter also appears in the karaoke screen visuals, making the whole thing weirdly meta.
Grab a drink and a mic and join in the sing-along fun as you watch the clip for "Sucker's Shangri-La" in the player below.
Escape From Evil is out now via Ribbon Music.