Love Is All "Repetition"

Love Is All 'Repetition'
TRACK OF THE DAY: After winning over fans here in North America with their debut album, Nine Times that Same Song, Gothernburg, Sweden's perpetually upbeat rockers Love Is All split opinions with their sophomore disc, A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night.

But the tracks already floating around the interweb, Two Thousand and Ten Injuries, out March 23 on Polyvinyl Records, should please both fans of their debut's punky lo-fi fury and those won over by the pop sensibilities of A Hundred Things Keep Me Up At Night.

"Repetition" maintains the fuzzy sheen that's covered everything the group have done while adding syncopated rhythms that have become quite fashionable of late (see Vampire Weekend, Julian Casablancas). Rather than feeling like a bunch of trend hoppers though, the Swedish quintet manage to put their own spin on it, creating a nice, and appropriately titled, little ditty.

Listen to Love Is All's "Repetition" here.