Louie Short's New Album 'Omw 4ev' Has Arrived

The record dropped alongside a video for the title track

BY Haley BenthamPublished Nov 12, 2021

Toronto-based artist Louie Short has released his sophomore album Omw 4ev today via 444%. A trippy video for the record's title track accompanies the eight-song LP.

In an age of endless rushing and short attention spans, Short is forcing us to slow down. Among life's points of finality, he ushers us towards the transience of the now — the journey rather than the destination.

"People are drawn to beginnings and endings, whether it be falling in love and breaking up — emerging artists and artists passing away," he said of the album in a press release. "Things in the middle of life tend to be neglected."

Abandoning the dramatics in favour of subtlety, Short elaborated on the meaning to be found in the in-between: "I think that this forgotten middle space is exciting and uncharted. It holds a certain poignancy because it doesn't have the manipulative magnetism of creation and destruction, birth and death, to grab your attention. It just has itself existing."

DIY to the core, the Canadian artist's dedication to the craft of songwriting is abundantly clear across the record. Omw 4ev allows Short's vocals to draw out and drift off, filled with gentle piano and twangy finger-plucked guitar. The LP serves as a promising follow-up to the artist's 2019's debut, Cherry, Cherry.

Despite his documented interest in the middle spaces of life, the video for "Omw 4ev" is punctuated by Short's own footage of a caterpillar as it transforms into a butterfly. As the metamorphosis takes place, we're treated to transitions that shift and flicker across Short's form, mirroring the fire he sits before towards the close.

In other exciting news, Short will perform at Toronto's Monarch Tavern on November 17. For the time being, you can listen to Omw 4ev and watch the title track's video below.

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