Lotus Plaza "Black Buzz" (video)

Lotus Plaza 'Black Buzz' (video)
Back in the spring, Deerhunter member Lockett Pundt offered up his second full-length with his Lotus Plaza project, the gauzy Spooky Action at a Distance. Further promoting the set, the dude has now dropped a new video for acoustic number "Black Buzz."

The video is a total bummer at first, with a young woman struggling to understand her duggy existence. Pills, beer bottles and some skeezy sofa-surfer are strewn about the filthy rats nest that is our protagonist's apartment, and clearly she's had enough.

After hucking a TV set out her window, she heads to her car and suffers a pretty intense nosebleed. Things get better for her once she hits a nearby ocean and goes for a dip. Must be those cool calming waves.

You can see the eventually serene scene down below.