Loon "Threads" (video)

Loon 'Threads' (video)
The last thing we heard from Montreal-based dream pop project Loon was 2016's Threads EP. Now, ahead of the project's spot at Exclaim! and Pop Montreal's Class of 2018 show at Bar le Ritz PDB on Friday (January 19), project mastermind Tessa Dawn K has shared some eerie new visuals for the EP's title track. 

Read K's statement about the video below, then keep scrolling for the clip:

I wanted this video to be a multidisciplinary collaboration between artists working in Montreal. I feel very lucky that I was able to work on it with close friends of mine who are also interested in artistic experimentation and taking a DIY / low budget approach using VHS.

I wanted to work with as many female-identified artists as possible, because it's an underrepresented voice in culture-creation, and I think the song really calls for that perspective.

The "Gates of Horn and Ivory" (a literary image used to distinguish true dreams from false) are represented by the cloaked figures in the video. They move from "dream realm" to reality, taunting and teasing Loon as she struggles to identify what is real and what isn't. The lyrics mention meditative and ritualistic practices; different ways seeing the future or the "dream realm". I'm interested in exploring ways of understanding the female person as a powerful, even magical being. I think we achieved the soft, creepy, dream-like vibe we were going for.

The video imagery was inspired by the cover art for the
Threads EP, a piece by Montreal artist Marigold Santos. Courtney Pedersen, my main collaborator, worked on the general concept with me and designed the costumes and choreography. Tyler Reekie did all the camera work and worked on the set and lighting. Tamara Sandor stepped in as Assistant Director to help get our shots organized in a moment when we were running out of time and flailing about. T Nicole Holland, the video editor, really did an incredible job bringing it all together.

You can get further details on Loon's Class of 2018 show over here.