Long-lost Love Album Black Beauty to Finally See Release

Long-lost Love Album <i>Black Beauty</i> to Finally See Release
If you're a fan of Arthur Lee's legendary psychedelic rock outfit Love, you're probably pretty familiar with their 1966 self-titled debut, or their celebrated 1967 masterpiece Forever Changes. One platter you might not have heard, though, is 1973's Black Beauty.

The album was never officially released. And even if you did manage to find a bootleg of the sessions, chances are it sounded like crap. All that is about to change, though, as it's been announced that a proper version of the disc will be issued this summer.

The L.A. Times reports that, 38 years after its intended release, Black Beauty will finally see the light of day courtesy of the new boutique reissue label High Moon Records. Lee had initially intended to put out the disc back in the '70s on his own imprint, Buffalo Records, but the company folded before he had the chance to do so.

The upcoming release will feature the original ten-song tracklist, as well as some bonus tracks and extensive liner notes. Unfortunately, an official tracklisting has yet to pop up, but check out album cut "I'm Good & Evil (Do What I Do)" below.

Of Black Beauty, Rolling Stone writer David Fricke said: "Black Beauty might have been received as a strong comeback for Lee, a turn to steamy R&B with heavy-guitar punch -- if it had come out."

"It is that rarest of rock artifacts: a never-before-released, full-length studio album, from an undisputed musical genius," said High Moon president George Baer Wallace.

Black Beauty will be released June 7.