Lonely Parade Sign to Buzz Records, Share New Song

Hear the band's "I'm So Tired" below

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Apr 10, 2018

Ahead of delivering a follow-up to their 2016 debut No Shade, Lonely Parade have announced they are signing to Buzz Records.

The announcement from the trio arrives alongside a new single titled "I'm So Tired." Recorded with Greys' Shehzaad Jiwani and Josh Korody (Weaves, Dilly Dally, Partner, Fucked Up), the track aims to capture the coexistence of depression and anxiety.

Bassist/vocalist Charlotte Dempsey expanded on the track to Noisey as follows:

'I'm So Tired' is based on the feeling of seasonal depression. It's about feeling numb when you're overwhelmed with a situation you can't cope with, and not processing the emotions at hand. The song was written about an unrequited love, and feeling anxious and insecure about your position, and trapped in the situation. Musically we tried to capture that feeling of drowning in your own head, the sense of sinking as soon as you wake up with the sludgier sections, while the rest of the track expresses a more manic sensation of going through the motions of living and trying to keep up with reality when your mind is somewhere else.

A press release notes that Lonely Parade's Buzz Records debut is expected in the fall of 2018. Read through the band's upcoming live dates to hear the track in the player below. 

Tour dates:

04/16 Montreal, QC - Théatre Plaza
04/21 Fredericton, NB - Flourish Festival
06/15 Ottawa, ON - Ottawa Explosion Weekend

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