Lonely Parade Detail 'The Pits' LP

Hear "Night Cruise" from the band's Buzz Records debut

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jun 5, 2018

After signing to Buzz Records back in April, Lonely Parade have lifted the curtain on their first full-length effort for the label.

Titled The Pits, the trio's 10-track effort will arrive through Buzz on September 14. A press release notes that the record was written about the collapse of the three-piece's social circle in their native Peterborough, prior to their move to Montreal.

Lonely Parade have also shared the song "Night Cruise" alongside the record's announcement. The track speaks to small town nights in cars, as the group's Augusta Veno said in a statement:

If you're in Peterborough and your friend has a car, the only thing to do is go to McDonald's. This song is about this boy I met, started cruising around with, and thought we were in love. We would just drive around every corner of Peterborough. I wanted us to drive forever because I had a crush on him and didn't want to go home. We used to play a lot of basketball with that guy too and dance around to pop music at our friends' apartments. We were all insecure babies, so the first time we felt alright was getting drunk and dancing with our friends.

Read through the tracklist for The Pits to find Lonely Parade's upcoming tour dates below.

The Pits:

1. Weekends
2. Olive Green
3. Bored
4. New Roomate
5. Not Nice
6. Night Cruise
7. Grilled Cheese
8. I'm So Tired
9. My Death
10. Index Finger

Tour dates:

06/15 Ottawa, ON - Black Squirrel Books (Ottawa Explosion)
06/29 Peterborough, ON - Evans Contemporary
06/30 Hamilton, ON - Casbah (matinee)
07/06 Guelph, ON - Jimmy Jazz
07/07 Mississauga, ON - Symbiotica
07/18 Windsor, ON - Phog
07/19 London, ON - Skydome
07/20 Detroit, MI - Trixies
07/21 Chicago, IL - Subterranean (downstairs)
07/23 Cincinnati, OH - The Comet
07/24 Philadelphia, PA - House Cat Presents
07/25 New York, NY - Alphaville
07/27 Boston, MA - Lilypad Inman
07/29 Montreal, QC - La Vitrola
07/31 Toronto, ON - Baby G

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