The Lonely Island

"I Fucked My Aunt" (ft. T-Pain)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 15, 2013

Musical comedy crew the Lonely Island have unveiled the second instalment of their Wack Wednesdays promotion behind The Wack Album, and, yeesh, things get a bit icky. It's called "I Fucked My Aunt," and, well, it's pretty self-explanatory.

Atop a eerily Michael W. Smith-styled soft pop arrangement of piano and echoey beats, the dudes deliver pensive rhymes that veer from innocent summer days spent at swimmin' holes and baseball diamonds towards something much, much more uncomfortable than the passage of youth. T-Pain plays along incredulously with, get this, an AutoTuned hook.

You can hear the intentional gross-out cut down below.

As previously reported, The Lonely Island will unveil sneak peeks each Wednesday before The Wack Album's June 11 street date through Republic. If you're counting, that means there's three more to go.

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