Lo-Fi-Fnk "Unighted”

As far as cute Swedish electro that you can fit into your pocket goes, you won't find a more scrumptious pair than Leo Drougge and August Hellsing. Joining forces back in 2001 when they met in high school, they made a couple of CD-Rs on local label La Vida Locash. Recently signing to the blooming English indie label Moshi Moshi (responsible for discovering Bloc Party and Hot Chip), Leo and August have uncovered a niche, not unlike the Go! Team, that blends elements of electronic, dance and pop music. "Unighted,” taken from the …And the JFG? EP, is a fine example of their promise, melding a stomping back beat with a number of synth parts and some heart-melting vocals that produces enough aural ephedrine to kill a horse. (www.lavidalocash.com/lo-fi-fnk/index_ep_listen.htm)