Lions in the Street Announce 'On the Lam' EP

Lions in the Street Announce 'On the Lam' EP
Vancouver rock 'n' rollers Lions in the Street last left us with their self-released, self-titled 2010 LP, but the band have bounced to Beverly Martel Records for their next offering, the On the Lam EP. The five-song outing arrives at retailers February 19.

As the group explains in a press release, this is actually the first time a Lions in the Street record will be released on a proper label, though not for lack of trying. The band had been signed to TVT Records to issue a debut around 2005, but the label's financial woes kept the disc in limbo.

"We made a great debut record for TVT Records, and everyone was happy with what we'd accomplished in the studio, but before it was released everything fell apart," explained guitarist/vocalist Chris Kinnon.

The band rebounded from the fractured experience to record the new EP, which was produced by Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Von Bondies, Beachwood Sparks).

"We kept at it, sometimes foolishly, and this new EP is the culmination of all our experience," Kinnon continued. "Everyone who makes music wants recognition of some sort and a good life, but at every point we've been prevented from compromising our integrity to get these things. So there's a certain authenticity we can't really take credit for — it's a humility that's been forced on us."

You can sample the bluesy, Rolling Stones-styled choogle of opening track "All For Your Love" over here.

On the Lam:

1. All For Your Love

2. Don't Hand It Over

3. Movin Along

4. So Far Away

5. Tighten The Reins