Lions in the Street

<i>Cat Got Your Tongue</i>

BY Cam LindsayPublished Apr 17, 2007

Vancouver is known for its sticky icky, and this pack of retro rockers both look and sound as if they were raised eating the stuff for breakfast. But let’s not confuse these longhairs as total stoners, because their EP titled Cat Got Your Tongue is anything but a drug-fuelled mess — they can most certainly down a bottle of JD when they need to as well. This free five-track download (including artwork to boot) reveals a band remarkably in touch with their parents’ record collection; from the cheese cutters and tight-ass denim on the CD cover to the rotation of slow groove ballads and blistering humdingers they pump out genuinely, they exude the glory of ’70s rock’n’roll. According to their blog they even have a great history: done wrong by a major label down in L.A. and pursued by production heavyweights like Bob Ezrin and Todd Rundgren — two dudes that could turn LITS into proverbial rock stars. A smattering of Exile On Main Street rings throughout frolicking boogies like "Mine Ain’t Yours,” and their ability to pen a decent ballad (check "Lady Blue” and "Feels Like A Long Time”) should be enough to make the much inferior Jet pack it in.
Lions in the Street Cat Got Your Tongue

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