lié "Pire" (video)

lié 'Pire' (video)
A white tile dungeon, an ebon crack in a wall and a tiny pair of gleaming yellow eyes are all Vancouver post-punk trio lié need to creep up the scene in their new video for "Pire."

On the performance side of things, we see the band whomping out an adrenalized assault of doomy-but-driving goth-punk, replete with sinisterly spiralling six-string licks and ghostly moans.

The more theatrical elements of the video have bassist Brittany hanging out in her own personal subterranean hell, fixating on a fissure in the wall apparently containing a creature of the night. Her descent into madness only amplifies once she tries to catalogue her discovery by wildly scrawling cryptic glyphs onto a concrete floor. Gaze at the horrors of her isolation-rooted insanity down below.

lié - Pire from Lié on Vimeo.