Liars' Angus Andrews Throws His Back Out On Eve of Tour

Liars' Angus Andrews Throws His Back Out On Eve of Tour
Many people throw their backs out at work doing some heavy lifting but Liars' Angus Andrew (pictured here lifting a bike over his head) has hurt his back doing what many would consider light lifting: a sofa pillow. The towering front-man injured himself recently when he bent down to pick a pillow up from off the floor, causing his back to seize up and his body to fall in pain.

Band mates Aaron Hemphill and Julian Gross are trotting him around in a Weekend At Bernies fashion (and to avoid any misconceptions, yes, he's still alive) to help prepare him for their American tour, which begins tomorrow (January 25) in San Francisco. Even in their attempts to help mobilise the lead singer, things aren't looking too promising as indicated on their MySpace page:

"As Angus stooped to retrieve a tiny pillow from the couch in his LA home a seismic bolt tore through the fabric of his lower back rendering him immobile on the living room floor. When Jarrett arrived, Angus was face down in spasms. He alerted Aaron and Julian then sped to Rite-Aid for drugs and heat packs. When Julian arrived Angus was face down near the bathroom, apparently trying to urinate. Julian fetched a large soda cup and suggested the alternative. He then offered to stay the night and take on all nursing duties. Having fed the patient on the floor and set up his living space Angus became adamant Julian go home to bed. In the morning when Aaron arrived Angus was on his back on the floor of the living room. Aaron emptied the two large soda cups and they talked about Lorimer St. in Brooklyn where the injury first occurred. Jarrett came in with breakfast and talk turned to tour. ItÕs a week till our first show and Angus can't feed himself."

Get well soon Angus! We're counting on you making that Buffalo date with No Age on February 7.

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