Liam Gallagher Is Down with AI-Generated Oasis: "Better Than All the Other Snizzle Out There"

"I sound mega"

BY Kaelen BellPublished Apr 19, 2023

We were recently given a glimpse into a potentially Gallagher-free future with the reveal of AISIS, an AI-generated Oasis clone made by UK indie band Breezer. 

The results — called The Lost Tapes / Vol. 1 — are freakily accurate, made from instrumentals that Breezer recorded in 2021 with AI-generated, Liam Gallagher-inspired vocals placed on top. It's all a touch unnerving (and maybe a little funny? But like, let's slow our roll with this stuff), and now Liam Gallagher himself has weighed in on the gag. 

When asked by a fan on Twitter whether he'd listened to the album, Gallagher seemed unfazed by the prospect of being made obsolete by a soulless computerized tribute act, responding, "Not the album heard a tune it's better than all the other snizzle out there." If there's one thing the man's a fan of, it's himself (or an approximation of himself).

To another fan who asked his thoughts on AISIS, Gallagher simply said, "Mad as fuck I sound mega." Given that glowing endorsement, it seems like AISIS may be safe from a copyright lawsuit for the time being?

The Lost Tapes / Vol. 1 is described by its creators as "an alternate reality concept album where the band's '95-'97 line-up continued to write music, or perhaps all got together years later to write a record akin to the first 3 albums, and only now has the master DAT tape from that session surfaced."

In an interview with The Guardian, Breezer bandleader Bobby Geraghty described the process behind making AI songs: "AI is still very much controlled by the user. You need to feed it exactly what it needs to replicate," he said. "I don't think it's at the point where AI could write a song. Although, having said that, a lot of people have asked if the music was AI generated, which it's not."

Breezer says they have a second set of AISIS songs to release, and they're hoping people will trick each other into believing the Gallagher brothers have squashed their beef. Pranks!

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