Legs 'Altitud' (album stream)

Legs 'Altitud' (album stream)
Brooklyn-based five-piece Legs are set to unleash their debut full-length Altitud next week, but Exclaim! is streaming the record in its entirety a little bit early.
Blending refreshing indie pop with old-school "Stax-worthy hooks," Legs deliver a synth-heavy, dancefloor-ready set of tunes on their debut. Comprised of Seattle-based brothers Tito and Jack Ramsey, their childhood friend Charles Larson, and Ecuadorian brothers Juan Miguel and Herman Merin, the band might be keeping it in the family, but their sound is definitely an amalgamation of wide-ranging, worldly influences.
The record was tracked in Quito, Ecuador, and produced by Nick Stumpf. The collection showcases sounds that are as rooted in art rock ("Top of the World," "Synthia") as they are in disco ("Hide and Seek," "You Are").
Packed with high-energy synth-pop from start to finish, the new album comes with just one warning: "Wear your dancing shoes."
Altitud officially drops on March 31, and you can pre-oder the record here. Give it an advanced listen right now in the player below.