LDN Is A Victim "LDN Is A Victim"

LDN Is A Victim 'LDN Is A Victim'
"Oi DJ, put a CD on and let’s do this!”

"It’s all about motherfucking saturation!"

It's already made Lily Allen comment publicly, and it won't be long before the Streets, Kate Nash and the Maccabees voice their opinions about this lo-fi pastiche panning the current state of London's trendy music scene. Also taking aim at Klaxons and Just Jack, this disguised electro novelty track is wise in its message targeting the city's glut of "middle-class urban acts." With tongue firmly in cheek, they tour the scene's likely hotspots, spill gossip and thank those responsible like "the Godfather of it all, Mike Skinner” and the "45-year old white male record executives who’ve started pumping hundreds of thousands of pounds into this sound."

While it's hard to argue with their biting commentary, acts like Allen and Klaxons are a breath of fresh air in the mainstream, and are keeping the industry afloat with strong sales and somewhat fresh sounds that is finding a home in collections of both trendsetters and those hearing it through commercial outlets. There's a cynic for everything but this is some good fun that even Allen should be able snicker about in private.
LDN Is A Victim "LDN Is A Victim"