Late of the Pier's Sam Dust Announces Solo Debut as La Priest

Late of the Pier's Sam Dust Announces Solo Debut as La Priest
Sam Dust used to be in the British dance-punk band Late of the Pier, but with that project having been inactive for several years, Dust has re-emerged with a debut solo album under the name La Priest.

Dust has signed to Domino for the LP. The record is called Inji, and it will be out on June 30.

According to a press release, these 10 songs were "recorded over a reclusive period spanning five years following the disbandment of Late of the Pier in which Dust travelled the world, did scientific research, worked on the creation of a number of new inventions and produced several secret musical projects."

Inji's album cover is above. For a taste of the music, scroll past the tracklist to hear the cut "Party Zute / Learning to Love," an eight-minute epic that begins as a quiet keyboard ballad but quickly turns into a weirdo, woozy electro-pysch banger. Also below, watch a previously unveiled video for the jittery, synth-y sugar-rush "Oino."


1. Occasion
2. Lady's in Trouble with the Law
3. Gene Washes with New Arm
4. Oino
5. Party Zute / Learning to Love
6. Lorry Park
7. Night Train
8. Fabby
9. A Good Sign
10. Mountain