Joins Forces With LyricFind to Launch Lyric Search Function Joins Forces With LyricFind to Launch Lyric Search Function, the free music streaming site, has begun to offer a lyric search service after hooking up with LyricFind, a company that sells lyric databases acquired from music publishers.

A library of over 800,000 songs by major label and indie artists is now searchable not only by song title, which isn’t really impressive, but by keywords. So you can kill time by searching "Hexagon” and discover that not only do the Fall have the word in a lyric, which I can’t imagine you could rhyme with anything, but also Freakwater, Story of the Year and Analog Brothers as well.

Co-founder Martin Stiksel made a statement about the venture, saying: "Adding lyrics to is another big step towards us becoming the most comprehensive, full-featured free music platform on the web. Nowhere else can you search through this many songs, find the lyric you want and listen to the track free-on-demand at the same time.”

Martin’s getting a little over-excited there: you can only listen to full tracks that has rights to (same with viewing full lyrics) — there’s a whole bunch where you only get the Amazon-style 30-second preview. Nevertheless, between this thing and internet enabled cell phones, we’re one step closer to a world where ten-minute conversations in bars that include the age-old question of "What’s that song that goes....” are a thing of the past.