Las Rubias Del Norte "Porque Te Vas"

Las Rubias Del Norte 'Porque Te Vas'
TRACK OF THE DAY: I know this band won't want to hear this, but it's hard to ignore comparisons with Linda Ronstadt's Mexican songbook in describing the impact of Las Rubias Del Norte. The clear-voiced duo of Allyssa Lamb and Emily Hurst invites a quick and superficial association, though this is much more about a total band effort than a tradition-observing, grandstanding solo showcase.

A better comparison would be with Lhasa, or the tripped-out Afro-Peruvian café sound of Chicha Libre, whose leader Olivier Conan is a member of this group. Conan's venue,Barbès, in Brooklyn, serves as a musical incubator for cross-cultural blends like Las Rubias, Slavic Soul Party and many more.

Las Rubias have really nailed their sound on their third album, Ziguala, released on Barbès Music. Shimmering, twangy guitars, hazy collisions of European classical harmonies with South and Central American folklore, and spacious production are united by the twin lead singers to create a dreamlike effect. "Porque Tu Vas" is the leadoff track. The album is out on March 9.

Download "Porque Te Vas" by Las Rubias Del Norte here.