"Puzzle" (ft. Andreya Triana) (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished May 12, 2015

Obsession. Lust. Adultery. All-leather seating. These are but a few of the points driving the narrative in the new video for electronic artist Lapalux's (a.k.a. Stuart Howard) latest Lustmore single, the Andreya Triana-sung "Puzzle." You can piece together this tale on intrigue by givine it a peep down right now.

As you'll discover, director Nick Rutter's clip finds an auto mechanic (played by Peaky Blinders James Eeles) stumbling home one night to find his dream date: a 1989 model 944 Porsche.

After being beckoned by the vehicle into a smooth-as-silk late night drive around the city, we see how the auto-erotic partnership has collapsed his day-today with his flesh-and-blood partner. A lubed-up love triangle develops, leaving certain parties broken apart over the whole messy situation. All of this, of course, is scored by the steamy, sax-and-synth arrangement of "Puzzle"

Is a one-night stand in the finest of whips worth it? You'll find out for yourself down below.

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