Ladyhawk "Window Pane" (video)

Ladyhawk 'Window Pane' (video)
Sadly, male bonding isn't all high fives and brew-pounding. Oftentimes, it's just hanging out and looking forlorn at the park, at least if you're the dudes in Ladyhawk's new video for No Can Do cut "Window Pane."

Shot by director Curtis Grahauer (Weekend Leisure) at Vancouver's Crab Park, the video finds four scruffy fellas getting together to contemplate some serious shit as they stand dockside, letting their gazes glumly wander across the water. The crew attempts to jazz up their lives with a mid-clip jacket exchange, but seem just as uncomfortable in each other's clothes as they do in their own skin. Witness the onset of mid-30s malaise down below.

More fun, perhaps, is Grahauer's instrumental karaoke version of the video, which leaves it up to you to fill the rocker with your own inimitable cries. You can check out the interactive clip, which features a few alternate park shots, below as well.

"Window Pane" Karaoke (Ladyhawk) from Weekend Leisure on Vimeo.