The Ladybug Transistor Return with Clutching Stems

The Ladybug Transistor Return with <i>Clutching Stems</i>
Long-running Brooklyn indie pop crew the Ladybug Transistor haven't recorded an album since the passing of drummer San Fadyl in 2007. Despite the tragedy, the band opted to carry on without him, and on June 7, will release Clutching Stems via Merge.

A press release calls the LP "a lush collection of potent refrains and brought-to-one's-knees ballads." The record's lyrics address "humbling heartbreak, profound longing, undoing distress, nagging regret, and coming-of-age awakenings," all of which have been "set to an invigorated soundtrack of wave-pop arrangements."

As usual, the album features frontman Gary Olson backed by a cast of collaborators. This includes returning members Kyle Forester (keyboards) and Julia Rydholm (bass). They're joined by newcomers Mark Dzula (guitar), Eric Farber (drums), and Michael O'Neill (guitar).

For a taste of what the new lineup sounds like, click here for a free download of the title track (which leads off the album). You can check out the ten-song tracklist below and the cover above.

Clutching Stems:

1. "Clutching Stems"
2. "Light on the Narrow Gauge"
3. "Fallen and Falling"
4. "Ignore the Bell"
5. "Oh Christina"
6. "Caught Don't Walk"
7. "Breaking Up on the Beat"
8. "Into the Strait"
9. "Hey Jack I'm on Fire"
10. "Life Less True"