La Chinga "Gone Gypsy" (video)

La Chinga 'Gone Gypsy' (video)
Vancouver power trio La Chinga dropped their sophomore album, Freewheelin', through Small Stone Records early on in 2016. It's a pure testament to the magnitude of hard rock, but in case you missed that memo, they're back to remind you with a slightly NSFW video for the album's opening cut, "Gone Gypsy."

If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to become part of a classic, balls-out rock'n'roll band, hop into a dirty old van from the '70s, and head out across the country spreading rowdiness wherever you stop, you can vicariously enjoy that sense from the "Gone Gypsy" video. We're talking bikes and bonfires, stubbies and cut-offs, pyrotechnics, partying, pulp and porn — all of which underlines the head-shattering retro riff worship of La Chinga's bassist/frontman Carl Spackler, drummer Jay Solyom (played in the video by touring bandmate Jonas Fairley), and guitarist Ben Yardley. There ain't nothing subtle about this.

View the "Gone Gypsy" video below, and may the rock be with you.